December 6, 2018 all-day
NH Danube City Hotel
Wagramer Str. 21
1220 Wien-Vienna

The workshop on using Earth Observation information in water management is associated with the Horizon 2020 SPACE-O Project. This invite-only workshop was held on 6 December, 2018 at Hotel NH Danube City, in Wagramer Str. 21, 1220 Wien-Vienna, Austria.

The workshop in Vienna was the last end-user feedback event of the project. Since the project was nearly at the end at the time of this workshop (07.12.2018), the focus was on better understanding how the SPACE-O tools and services can be implemented in the workflow of end-users, their economic incentives to use our tools, and identification of gaps that need to be bridged in order to make use of those tools. For this purpose, four representatives of (drinking) water utilities gave short presentations on the issues they are facing, and how they relate to the potential of SPACE-O services. In a second round of end-user presentations, researches, representatives of the private sector, as well as international water governing institutions presented their perspectives, and reflected on the use and uptake of SPACE-O services.
1. To learn about SPACE-O and how the outputs can be used;
2. To compile information on the potential uses of SPACE-O products for water utilities and other users (e.g. satellite imagery and forecasting);
3. To identify future opportunities for collaboration using advanced technologies (such as SPACE-O) to improve water management.
A total of 21 project external attendees from 12 different countries, including high level management and technical staff in utilities and water management organizations.

The workshop was held in parallel with the ICT 2018 Conference.

For more information, please contact us via info@www.space-o.eu