SPACE-O is designed to impact technology innovation, the water supply industry, specific environmental challenges, and EU policy implementation through new products and services that will assist business growth and leadership.

Promote technology innovation by increasing the use and access of satellite data by water utilities: Cutting-edge technologies will be combined into an innovative, value-added service line, such as providing satellite data to alert users to water incidents to improve responses.

Optimised utility operations by providing forecasted information to treatment plant operators on water quantity and quality: Allows water managers to make faster decisions at the operational level when there are short to medium term changes in the source water.

Better understanding of specific environmental challenges using a combination of satellite, in situ, modelled data and citizens’ observations: The understanding of patterns and dynamics of algae blooms, sediment transport and deposition in reservoirs, allowing utilities to proactively manage upstream risks.

Support policy implementation by contributing to protecting water resources intended for human consumption: Expands water quality information in catchment areas beyond the regular monitoring program and proposing a method for assessing risk upstream.

Operational SPACE-O Portal Tools 

Water Information System - Earth Observation

Catchment Risk Assessment

Water Information System - Forecasting

Early Warning System

Water Treatment Plant - Process Optimisation

Citizen Science

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