To address these challenges, SPACE-O brings together a consortium of partners covering a wide spectrum of expertise (EO, ICT, modelling, water treatment plant design, IWRM) and backgrounds such as SMEs, research institutes, water professionals associations and bulk water regulatory bodies.

SPACE-O integrates state-of-the-art Earth Observations and in-situ monitoring with advanced hydrological, water quality models and ICT tools, into a powerful decision support system. This will generate real-time, short- to medium-term forecasting of water flows and quality data in reservoirs, used to optimise water treatment plant operations and establish a complete service line from Earth Observations to the water business sector.

Satellite remote sensing has evolved into a tool for global monitoring of surface waters. Earth Observations and remote sensing are widely used to quantify the physical parameters of reservoirs, as well as to retrieve selected concentrations of water constituents.

A service platform will be designed to increase the interoperability of Earth Observation and modelled services. Data acquisition and the integration of near-real time Earth Observation data in the hydrological and water quality models will provide improved real-time, short to medium term water quantity and quality forecasting in reservoirs.

A risk-based decision support system will be developed to enable cost-effective and environmentally sustainable water treatment. This will be based on water quality forecasts at the reservoir, in-situ monitoring data, and data collected through supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems used in water treatment plants.

Copernicus Services (C3S) will be assessed with site-specific data sets generated through the satellite, modelling, in-situ data and citizens monitoring services, to produce continuous monitored indicators that enable water quality risk assessment analysis on a catchment level.

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